Josie 6Josie Kuhn is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, singer, songwriter and guitarist. She has been called “One of the leading ladies of the Americana movement,” and, by Jim Ridley, managing editor of the Nashville Scene, “One of the greatest unsung singer, songwriters of the last 20 years.” Her five CDs have received rave reviews and awards abroad including “Best Tex-Mex” for Walks with Lions (in Norway) and “One of the best albums of 2005” for La Luna Loca (in England). Josie has toured and shared the stage with Rick Danko (of The Band), Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, the Mavericks, and many others. She currently lives in East Nashville’s Little Hollywood community. In 2007, she was in a horrific car accident in which she suffered a broken hip, neck, ribs, pelvis, jaw, cheekbones and a severely damaged foot. She spent months in nursing homes while recuperating. Her first novel, The Carnation House, is a work of fiction, however, some of the events are based on a true story. Names and details have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. As Josie puts it: “Nursing homes are not just for the elderly. Young people in need of rehabilitation often find themselves admitted, as well, when they are victims of accidents, suffer from mental illnesses or struggle with substance abuse issues. There are a lot of doctors and nurses in these facilities who genuinely care about their patients, but unfortunately, there are also a few bad eggs in the basket.” Check out Josie’s music and lyrics at www.josiekuhn.net and her CDs at www.cdbaby.com.


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