“Jennifer Chesak, my amazing editor, thank you for working so diligently to edit my books. Your guidance and notes help me make sure the stories are honest, meaningful and ready for the world.” — Karen Todd Scarpulla, author of Walking Toward the Light, Steps to FORGIVENESS, and Walking Through the Shadows.

“Jennifer Chesak (Wandering in the Words Press). Oh my! How do I even begin to thank you? Jennifer provided a final edit, book design, cover design, encouragement, and solid business advice for getting the final product to market. You are a talented young woman and I am so thankful to have met you. Thank you for talking me in off the ledge (several times)! We will definitely do this again—soon!” — Kimberly Collins, author of Simple Choices

“We are most grateful to our publisher, Jennifer Chesak of Wandering in the Words Press, for her encouragement and enthusiasm. As before, it was a delight to work with an editor of Jennifer’s caliber. In addition, she has once again designed a striking cover.” — Steve and Sharon Schach, co-authors of Coopers Island

“One of my dreams came true today. My first children’s book has been published!” — Alex Schumacher, author and illustrator of The World’s Crummiest Umbrella


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