Wandering in the Words Press is thrilled to announce the release of Poppa’s War, author Alberta Tolbert’s debut novel. This wonderful piece of historical fiction, available on Amazon in paperback and ebook forms, takes readers to rural Minnesota at the end of WWII when soldiers were returning home.

Editor/Publisher’s note: TolberPoppas_War_Cover_for_Kindlet is a talented author who nails her characters. She can get into the head of a veteran with PTSD  just as well as she can the head of a young girl. Tolbert uses the violent weather and abrupt seasonal shifts Minnesota is known for  as a backdrop to a storyline that is at times both heartbreaking and beautiful.

Tolbert, a born-and-raised Minnesotan, now lives in Tennessee.

The story:

Alicia Drake’s poppa returns from WWII a man different from the one she remembers. His moods are as unpredictable as Minnesota weather. With a pregnant momma and little sister to protect, she must choose between fight or flight.

Alicia finds solace in the kindness of the small-town community, the natural world surrounding her, and a stray dog—Shadow. Yet nothing can penetrate the isolation her poppa’s fury creates.

Finally, the birth of her baby brother brings a shred of hope that life will return to its pre-war normalcy. Poppa says so. But even the strongest men have a breaking point, and life seems to be driving Alicia’s poppa toward his.




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