A Prelude to NothingWandering in the Words Press is excited to announce the release of A Prelude to Nothing, the debut novel from Kevin Gross. A Prelude to Nothing, now available on Amazon, is the first installment of the “Tom Rollins Series.” The series was born in a high school creative writing class, where Kevin wrote ASHES, a vignette that has grown into the sequel for A Prelude to Nothing.

Click her for Kindle version.

A note from the Publisher: When I first read Kevin’s submission, I was blown away with its potential. Kevin’s narrative gripped me from the start, and I couldn’t wait to figure out Tom Rollins’ fate. Now, I can’t wait for book two… Hurry up, Kevin! — Jennifer Chesak


After suffering years of physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his father, young Tom Rollins takes off on his bicycle with the intention of never returning to his hometown. Life on the streets is lonely at first, but as he makes his way toward Boston to become a crab fisherman, he finds it manageable. He even meets a girl who makes him forget about the high school crush he left behind, and things begin looking up.

The way people stumble upon each other’s paths and affect each other’s lives is unimaginable and undeniably happenstance, directed entirely by personal needs and goals and moods. It’s just crazy. I wonder about how my life would be changed had I made a single decision differently or walked down a different road… All these consequences are absolutely nuts. How are we able to ever take on all this responsibility, knowing that if we totally screw up, we could ruin, or even kill someone?

Summer can only last so long, though, and when autumn moves in, it brings with it something sinister that rots the edges of Tom’s soul. On his travels, he meets up with some fellow runaways, and together they hatch a plan that will not only bring Tom’s life full circle but will also change any hopes he may have had for a better future.


Kevin Gross is a multi-genre writer from New Jersey. He graduated from Rowan University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He is most inspired by thriller novels, alternative/punk music, unusual films, and art of all kinds. Follow Kevin on Twitter: @Kevin_C_Gross



Elaina Unger is a freelance artist from New Jersey who has painted cover art for published books, including A Prelude to Nothing. She has shown in galleries and is a comic colorist for her clients. Elaina is also a licensed artist who owns her own brand “Puttiko,” which is licensed and sold on various products internationally. When Elaina isn’t making art, she’s usually reading or watching horror movies. Elaina is also an avid metal fan and has a love for red velvet sweets. Follow Elaina on Twitter: @ElainaUnger


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