Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.44.28 AMWandering in the Words Press is pleased to announce the release of A Matter of Trust, the fourth thriller written by Steve Schach. Schach, formerly a software engineering professor at Vanderbilt University, now lives and writes in Sydney, Australia. He frequently travels with his wife, Sharon Stein Schach (who sometimes co-authors books with him), and garners inspiration from their journeys together.

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A Matter of Trust is a thriller that takes place in both New York City and Kyoto, Japan.

In his hotel room in Kyoto, Japan, Oliver Thompson—a highly successful CPA who specializes in offshore trusts—finds the blood-covered dead body of Yoko Azuma, a bellhop, lying in his bed. He immediately finds the hotel manager, but when the two head to the elevator, the doors open to reveal an unscathed Yoko. Strange things continue to happen that put Oliver’s and others’ lives in danger, so Oliver consults the police, who cannot seem to corroborate anything he says. At first, Oliver wonders if his good fortune has finally come to an end. Is he going crazy? He consults a Kyoto private detective, who suggests that Oliver is the victim of a large-scale conspiracy. But what is the aim of the conspiracy? And why are the conspirators plaguing Oliver?


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