Hey there NaNoWriMo folks! As you wrap up your marathon month of tapping at the keyboard, remember that
the time has come to think about revising. That’s right. You’re not done yet. Your manuscript needs a full edit or two or three or four or more before you send it off to an agent or a publisher.

Whether you’re looking for an editor at this point or simply a consultation before you delve into your own revisions, Wandering in the Words Press can help.

Editing: We will concept edit, copy edit and line edit your manuscript. Then we send it back to you for your input and questions before we do a final proof. After this type of editing workout, your novel will be fit for the eyes of an agent or publisher. (Fee: $100-$200, depending on manuscript length.)

Consultation: We will read your manuscript and provide a detailed list of needed improvements regarding plot, tense, sentence structure, chapter breaks, grammatical pitfalls and more. While a consultation is not a full concept or copy edit, it helps you with the revision process, provides insight into your writing style strengths and weaknesses and prepares you for the process of working with a pro editor. (Fee $1300 – $1700, depending on manuscript length.)

Bonus note: If we happen to love your manuscript, we will fast-track you on the publishing process with Wandering in the Words Press—if you so choose.

Happy revising!


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